College Sports Rankings That Factor In Academic Quality: Our 2015 Brackets

We couldn't help but wonder, which schools would win the NCAA basketball tournament if they had to compete athletically and academically to achieve the coveted national title? There are plenty of schools that offer the chance to play (or watch) fantastic basketball while also offering a quality education.  That's why we created our March Madness bracket based on our rankings that factor in the academic progress of student-athletes, as well as the athletic success of the team.

Check out our brackets below. Click on the name of a college to go straight to information on its sports programs, from how much money is spent and made, how many coaches work at the school and rankings on how well each individual sports team performs. Click on the basketball symbol to see how the two schools compare across many important factors having to do with the basketball team and the school's quality.



This bracket is based on our sports rankings, which include weightings such as the athletic success of the individual sports team, overall quality of the school, academic success of student athletes, and how the financial resources of the sports teams are spent, as well as some other factors. You can learn more about the methodology here.