Bad Reasons to Choose a College

Academic programs, graduation rates, student to faculty ratios, location, costs… with so much to think about, it’s no wonder students and their parents have a hard time choosing a good school.

Even something as meaningless as the weather can affect a student's decision to attend a college. It turns out, students who visit a college campus on cloudy days actually are more likely to apply to and attend that college. This is because students are more in the mood to study and work academically on cloudy days, so they are better able to envision themselves going to the college. You can find the study here.

Do you really think you should make a decision about such a big investment based on the weather? Here are some equally poor reasons to choose a college:

  • Your parents went there
  • Your best friend/boyfriend is going there
  • It’s a great party school
  • It’s close to the beach
  • The campus is gorgeous
  • It's ranked as the top college in the U.S.

Your parents are not you. Your best friend is not you, and neither is that college ranking site. The only person who knows what college is a good fit is you. The better you understand yourself and your needs, the better equipped you are to make this complex decision. This makes getting to know yourself and your desires, interests and aptitude a big part of choosing the right college!

College requires a huge investment of both time and money, but the potential benefits from your education can pay off big. When you purchase a house you do your research to make sure it’s a good long-term investment. The same should be true of your college education (and you do not want it to take you 30 years to pay off your student loan debt!)

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