Best Available (And Easiest) Scholarships on the Web

What if I were to tell you that just a few minutes of your time could potentially cut thousands of dollars from the cost of your college tuition?

Many students don't bother searching and applying for scholarships under a mistaken belief that they won't qualify for any, or that the process is too time-consuming or difficult. However, there are many thousands of scholarships available to all types of students! And many do not even require an essay!

Below are a list of some of the best scholarships that anyone can apply to in no more than thirty or so minutes-- often quicker than that even (you don't have to write essays either!)

1. $10,000 ScholarshipPoints Scholarship

Finish applying for this high dollar scholarship in under five minutes!

2. Student View Scholarship

This site offers grants ranging from $500 to $4,000. Potential winners complete a survey to enter and do not have to submit an essay or test scores.

3. The Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship

Applying for this $1,000 dollar scholarship should take no more than ten minutes!

4. $2,000 'No Essay' College Scholarship

Two grand is a huge potential pay off for the short amount of time it takes to apply for this scholarship offered by Niche.

5. Unigo $10K Scholarship ($10,000!)

The only writing required for applying for this high paying scholarship is a very brief, short answer response of 250 words (that's less than two Tweets). 

6. Unigo Education Matters Scholarship

Another awesome opportunity from Unigo. A very short response is required (again it is literally shorter than writing two posts on Twitter) and you're in for a chance at 5K towards your college tuition!

7. Scholarship Owl $1k Drawing

When you register at Scholarship Owl, not only do you get enrolled in their $1,000 drawing, you can apply to hundreds of other scholarships using their easy form! Get started at Scholarship Owl in minutes.

These seven scholarships are just the beginning of what is available. We recommend that all students keep an on-going sheet up that lists the name of the scholarship they applied to, the URL or address of the entry form, and the date applied. Some scholarships require you to come back and enter again every month. 

Take a day to spend searching for scholarships relevant to your major, hobbies or interests, etc.. could change your life forever. This guide provides more tips for a successful scholarship search